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Brian Brian is a political junkie. In the womb, he unknowingly joined his parents for literature drops and fundraisers. As a small boy growing up in Seattle, he wore t-shirts and campaign buttons collected on the trail. If there had been re-elect Jimmy Carter lunch boxes, he probably would have carried it with him to Epiphany School, where he first discovered his love for crayons. Brian spent middle school at Greens Farms Academy in Westport, Connecticut before returning to Seattle for high school. Throughout high school Brian volunteered for phone banks and yard-sign duty, before earning his first paying campaign job at the age of 14 with Tina Podlodowski's campaign for City Council. He was subsequently hired by the Building A Better City Campaign (Seattle Commons) and Jay Inslee for Governor campaign.Brian

Brian graduated in 1996 from The Northwest School and hopped a flight back to Connecticut where he assumed the position of Campaign Manager for Bill Finch, a local Congressional candidate. For helping to bring in nearly 40% of the vote for a Democratic candidate in a staunchly Republican district, the local media affectionately dubbed Brian a "Political Whiz Kid" (NOTE: his campaign staff, in contrast, referred to Brian as Cheez Whiz). Brian's next stop was Washington, DC where he worked with the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities (then under Democratic control) and the Presidential Inaugural Committee in January of 1997. He found his way to the White House shortly after that and spent the next seven months assisting the Director of Presidential Speechwriting (NOTE: Brian loved the loved the job so much, he worked for free).

On June 20, 1997, Brian launched The Great American Baseball Trip -- a nationwide driving tour to visit and attend a game at every Major League Baseball stadium. Throughout the trip, Brian examined the state of baseball and its relationship with the fans. He watched games from the stands, met with folks from the front office at each team, talked with members of the media, threw out a few first pitches, and looked for player insights on the National Pastime. He even managed to eat and report on the quality of pretzels from every stadium.

Brian finally arrived in Ann Arbor to begin college at the University of Michigan in the fall of 1997. His presence was immediately felt as the Wolverines went on to win national championships in both football and hockey in his first semester-and-a-half. Go Blue!

BrianTwo years, and a whole lot of memories later, Brian took an "extended leave" from the University of Michigan to serve as the Vice President's Briefing Director in Washington. Brian was responsible for pulling together the materials that Al Gore used to prepare for his day. Already sort of geeky, Brian secured this status when the job required him to wear three pagers and two cell phones, carry two Palm Pilots, and operate two different laptops each day. He traveled the country with the Vice President -- visiting four or five cities and attending dozens of events each day. He was nicknamed the "Mouse" (for the character in the Matrix) by CBS New Anchor John Roberts, and received both accolades and ridicule for his quirky work habits and his ability to fall asleep in any position, anywhere.

Brian In the days following the 2000 election, Brian returned to Washington to help manage the recount activities. The United States Supreme Court heard Oral arguments in Bush v. Gore on Brian's 23rd birthday. Rather than wait around for the inevitable, Karen and Brian spent a romantic evening at dinner in DC (Karen's treat), shortened only slightly by a series of pages and phone calls to both of them. Two days later, less than an hour before the Supreme Court released its opinion, Brian was informed of his acceptance to Columbia University by phone. He moved to New York in January 2001 to attend Columbia and continue dating Karen. While at Columbia, Brian followed in his grandfather's footsteps, serving as a coxswain for the Columbia Men's Heavyweight Varsity Crew. He also launched ElectionMouse (now Mouse Communications) with his sister Emily. Brian graduated with a degree in political science in December 2002 and promptly rejoined Karen, who had gotten a head start on their life in Cambridge. He recently formed a partnership with Mindshare Internet Campaigns and is now director of their Boston office.