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palooza sign Karen and Brian were married in October 2003, after 3 years of dating and living, working and schooling on the Eastern seaboard together. Their romance started in DC, where they both worked for Al Gore's 2000 Presidential campaign RECOUNT; Brian as Briefing Book Director and Air Force 2 Wingman and Karen as Assistant to the Campaign Communications Director.

After their move to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was thwarted by Republican operatives, the two took their romance from DC to New York, where Karen moved back in with her roommate, Darsh, and Brian made his way to the upper West side to finish his Political Science degree at Columbia University. In between studying and courting Karen, Brian started an Internet Strategy firm, Mouse Communications with his sister, Emily.

Karen joined the dark side of the media world as the Executive Assistant to the President of MSNBC and soon became a Researcher and Associate Producer for their Special Projects department. She had to sit next to the mostly RED electoral map from the recent election and was the lead researcher (secretly Karen called it "Oppo Research") on the "Inside the White House" special with Tom Brokaw.

As Brian continued to run circles around his classmates (and some of his teachers) in his political and policy classes, he and Emily got to work on some of their first clients' websites - including VP Gore's PAC. Karen joined President Clinton's office on 125th street as Deputy to his Communications Director, Julia Payne (one of our favorite people). Within the year, Karen became really jealous of all the studying that Brian was getting to do and decided to go back to school. She entered Harvard's Graduate School of Education in June 2002 and sepnt an amazing year teaching High School English; summer school at Cambridge Rindge & Latin and the school year at Media And Technology Charter High (MATCH) School.

Brian asked Karen to be his wifey on the last day of their Cape Cod vacation in August 2002 and surprised Karen with their families & friends on a sunset dinner train ride that evening. He made HUGE sacrifices traveling back and forth to Cambridge almost EVERY weekend to see Karen and even scheduled his final classes at Columbia so the two could spend longer weekends together. He earned his degree in December 2002 and was able to join Karen in Harvard Square full time!

Brian turned Mouse into a full time venture in Spring 2003 and Karen earned her M.Ed. in June. She took the summer off to plan the wedding and spend some R&R time with friends and family. The lovebirds moved into a new apartment (still in Cambridge) and started making it a home.

Brian was offered a full-time job with Mindshare Internet Campaigns as Director of their new Boston office in September 2003. After fabulous wedding and honeymoon celebrations, Karen joined Jumpstart for Young Children's national office as their Operations Coordinator. K & B now get to commute to work together every day and meet for lunch and even come home together most nights before midnight. It's a whole new world and they're happy to be living in it.

Check out Karen & Brian's weblog for updates on their daily existence. Thanks for reading!